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CBD 50 Max 3000 Oil Drops

C minor CBD 50 Max 3000 is a peach elderflower flavoured oil drop that minimizes the bitter tast with aromatic extracts. It is also the best $/cannabinoid Oil Drop that comes in jumbo size 60mL containing a high amount of CBD 50mg/mL (3000 mg per unit). This oil drop is formulated with a scientific approach and uses premium 100% coconut MCT oil with aromatic extracts, which is designed to provide consumers access to cannabinoids & natural ingredients in a convenient & cost-effective format. This oil product is for oral use only. DO NOT smoke or vape this oil.

About C Minor

C Minor offers consumers high-potency Oil Drops and Soft Gels for daily use. Our Oil Drops and oil-based gel capsules are thoughtfully crafted to provide individuals with easy access to cannabinoids and natural ingredients. These products are presented in convenient and cost-effective formats, ensuring a seamless integration into daily routines.

High Potency CBD/CBG Gel Caps