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Brand Story

PROOFLY stands as the leading topical brand in the market, providing unparalleled value and superior-quality cannabis-based topicals across three categories: Muscle, Cosmetics, and Intimates. Comprising a dedicated and growing team of science-focused professionals, we specialize exclusively in crafting small-batch, high-quality topicals to ensure an exceptional cannabis experience.

Our sister company, freshDAYLY, focuses on creating safe and effective personal care products with cannabinoids that are suitable to all gender of all skin types from normal to sensitive. freshDAYLY continuously strives for innovation to uphold natural ingredients that are safely, ethically, and sustainably sourced and clean formulas with transparency about our process and ingredients.

Our C Minor brand offers consumers high-potency Oil Drops and Soft Gels for daily use. Our Oil Drops and oil-based gel capsules are thoughtfully crafted to provide individuals with easy access to cannabinoids and natural ingredients, whether used independently or added to their favorite foods and beverages. These products are presented in convenient and cost-effective formats, ensuring a seamless integration into daily routines.

Brand Philosophy






High-quality cannabis topicals
Science-first brand

We believe in making products with natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to your skin.  We have stringent quality control throughout the formulation, compounding, filling, and packaging processes. 

We prioritize scientific evidence over marketing gimmicks, dedicating substantial time and resources to explore the synergistic effects of cannabinoids with established formulations.

PROOFLY products undergo cruelty-free testing and are crafted using vegan ingredients. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is paramount, as we continually aspire to achieve excellence in the creation of our topicals.

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