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Brand Story

PROOFLY is the leading topical brand in the market that offers the best value and high-quality cannabis-based topicals. The brand has three categories including Muscle, Beauty & Wellness and Intimates. We are a small group (25 and growing) of a science-focused team that produces craft batches sizes, we are specifically committed to topicals and nothing else as we want to deliver the best cannabis topicals experience. 

Our sister company, freshDAYLY, focuses on creating safe and effective personal care products with cannabinoids that are suitable to all gender of all skin types from normal to sensitive. freshDAYLY continuously strives for innovation to uphold natural ingredients that are safely, ethically, and sustainably sourced and clean formulas with transparency about our process and ingredients.

C Minor, our new brand, provides high-potency CBD & minor cannabinoid-based supplements to consumers for everyday use. Our Oils & Oil-based gel caps, & water-soluble emulsions are designed to provide consumers access to cannabinoids & natural ingredients either alone or as an additive to your favourite foods & beverages in convenient & cost-effective formats. 

Brand Philosophy






High-quality cannabis topicals
Science-first brand

We believe in making products with natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to your skin.  We have stringent quality control throughout the formulation, compounding, filling, and packaging processes. 

We focus on scientific evidence, not in marketing stunts and spend a lot of time and resources to think about how the functionalities of cannabinoids have a synergy effect with conventional formulas.

PROOFLY products are never tested on animals and are made with vegan ingredients. We care about the world around us and always strive for greatness in the topicals we make.

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